Dr. Sponsler

Dr. Sponsler currently is a solo private practice neurologist in Wasilla, Alaska. He sees patients with disorders such as epilepsy, neuromuscular disorders, neuropathy, stroke, headaches and migraine, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson Disease, myasthenia gravis, spinal cord disorders, dysequilibrium, balance, dizziness, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Dr. Sponsler has admitting and consulting privileges at Matsu Regional Medical Center (MRMC) in Wasilla. He manages a two bed epilepsy monitoring unit (EMU) at MRMC with full time EEG technician monitoring. The EMU has been operating since September 2007. The monitoring system included continuous video monitoring with continuous electroencephalogram (EEG) monitoring. Medical problems that are appropriate for testing in the EMU include new onset epilepsy, medically intractable seizures, and unexplained fainting (syncope). Insurance programs (Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial insurance) will generally pay for epilepsy monitoring.