Notice of Privacy Practices


In 1998, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was passed into law.  The primary goal of the federal legislation was to make it easier for people to maintain basic health insurance benefits and help the health care industry control administrative costs.  One portion of this act contains rules for protecting the privacy of your health information.  Health care facilities must be in compliance with this portion of the law by April 14, 2003.  Protection of your health information is not new to health care organizations in Alaska.   Alaska Brain Center, LLC has always been committed to protecting your privacy.  However, this federal law does strengthen protection of your privacy and gives you more control over the use and disclosure of your health information.

The HIPAA regulation gives Alaska Brain Center, LLC the right to use and disclose your health information for treatment, payment, and certain health care operations purposes without specific authorization from you.  In addition, it grants you six specific rights regarding your health information:

  • Right to request access to or a copy of your health information.  We will ask that you make the request specific and in writing.  We may charge a reasonable fee for the cost of producing and mailing copies.  In certain situation, we may deny your request and will tell you why we are denying it.  In some cases, you may have the right to ask for a review of our denial.
  • Right to request an amendment to your health information if you believe your records are incomplete or inaccurate.  Your request for amendment must be in writing and provide the reason for your request.  In certain cases, we may deny your request.  If so, we will notify you in writing.  You may respond by filing a written statement of disagreement with us and ask that the statement be included with your health information.
  • Right to request restrictions by asking that we limit the way we use or disclose your medical information for treatment, payment, or health care operations.  You may also ask that we limit the information that we give to someone who is involved in your care, such as a family member or friend.  We are not required to agree to your request.  If we do agree, we will honor your restriction unless it is an emergency.  We may ask you to make your request in writing.
  • Right to request that we communicate with you by another means to preserve confidentiality.  For example, if you want us to communicate with you at a different address or telephone number we can usually accommodate your request if it is reasonable.
  • Right to seek an accounting of certain disclosures by asking us in writing for a list of the disclosures we have made of your health information, except for disclosures for treatment, payment, health care operations, information provided to you, facility directory listings, and certain government functions.
  • Right to receive a paper copy of our Notice of Privacy Statement.  Beginning in December 2005, we will offer you a copy of our notice the first time you register or present for treatment or health care services at Alaska Brain Center, LLC.  You may also request a copy of this notice at any time.
  • This notice lists all the different ways that we might use or disclose your health information and provides you with information about exercising your various rights.

Alaska Brain Center, LLC respects your right and we will continue to do our best to protect your privacy and the privacy of your health information.  If you have questions relating to the protection of your health information or Alaska Brain Center, LLC privacy practices, please contact Alaska Brain Center LLC’s Privacy Officer, Charlotte M. Nelson, ANP at 907-373-6500.